the judelman family tree

Brenner Family Trip

Schoudas 1936

Schoudas 2007
The Judelman Family originated in Lithuania, mainly in the town of Skoudas. At the base of the tree is two brothers. Isaac Judelman from whom descended the Yudelmans with a 'Y'. These Yudelmans left Lithuania for South Africa.

The other brother Emanuel Manne Judelman had five children. Jane Sheba (Phillips) left for New Zealand. Yehuda Leibe's descendants left for Israel. Bentzion, Ressa (Leftin) and Hirsch's descendants left for South Africa.

The family tree is a collection of information which I began gathering in 1996 through emails, phonecalls, snail mail and lately social media and facebook. It used modern technology of family tree programs to enter the information, organise it and make it available in print, on the web and soon in pdf.

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Family Photos

Israel 1961

Israel 2008