Emanuel Manne and Rusa Judelman
אמנואל מן ורעסע יודלמן

Emanuel and Rusa Judelman lived in Skud, Lithuania. The town numbered about five thousand people at that time, many of whom were involved in the shoe-making trade. The Judelmans ran a leather shop that sold shoe uppers, and they were quite prosperous.

From a Russian point of view, Rusa Judelman’s mother came from a fairly influential family. Some of the brothers had special privileges which were very hard to come by in those times. They were all fine Hebrew scholars. Rusa’s mother and mother-in-law were charitable women who always supplied a challah and fish on Erev Shabbat to those less well off.

Emanuel and Rusa had five children: Jane Shayna Sheva, Yehuda Leibe, Bentzion, Ressa and Hirsch Tzvi.

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