Ethel Peimer (Wolfsohn)
אסתר פיימר – וולפסון

Ethel Wolfsohn was born on the 8th August, 1912 in Cape Town to Olga Wolfsohn (Yudelman) and Hyman Chaim Wolfsohn.

After completing her schooling, Ethel studied and taught music.

She met and married Gabriel Peimer on the 21st March, 1941 at the Muizenberg Hebrew Congregation.

Gabriel was the eldest son of Edward and Fanny (Isaacs) Peimer of the Gardens, Cape Town.

Gabriel studied Law in Cape Town but qualified too young to be admitted to the side bar so he found employment with MGM and was a projectionist in Johannesburg & Cape Town for a short period. On turning 21 years old, he was admitted to the side bar as an attorney.

Ethel and Gabriel had two children – Pearl and Samuel.

After the marriage, Ethel became a housewife. Her interests became lawn bowls and playing cards -rummy for the local Bnot Zion Association who used the card sessions for raising money. Ethel was a member of the Bnoth Zion Association and was chairlady from time to time. She was a music teacher, specifically piano. She participated with her husband Gaby in his Lions activities and other charitable causes.

Gabriel on the other hand had interests which included civic affairs, politics and following professional soccer.

His interest in civic affairs led to the establishment of a monthly newspaper called ‘Civic Affairs’ which reported on news from all the Ratepayers Associations and the City of Cape Town Council. This newspaper lasted a few years and had to close down due to a lack of subscriptions.

In the period 1960 to 1966, Gabriel represented the local ratepayers as Councilor for the area of Woodstock, Salt River, Observatory and Mowbray in the Cape Town Council.

Politics was not far behind in his interests especially being a lawyer during the period of 1948 onwards. Gabriel was aware of the injustices that occurred to the under privileged and became active in politics. He broke away from the United Party and became a founder member of the Progressive Party of South Africa.

Professional soccer was also high on his agenda and he supported the professional soccer team Cape Town City. He became a member of the supporter’s club and a little while later became the president of the City of Cape Town Supporters Club.

After the marriage of his children Pearl and Samuel, they were blessed with five grandchildren.

Gabriel died on the 24th August 1982 aged 70 years and Ethel died on the 20th September 1989 aged 77 years.

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