Isaac Yudelman
יצחק יודלמן 2

Isaac Yudelman was born in Skud, Lithuania in 1850 and came to South Africa in 1899 with his 2 sons, Israel (age 19) and Joe (called Yudel, age 17). Isaac had married Etty Duchen, and there is no record of when she and their daughters, Tilly, Olga (called Alta) and Ancy came to South Africa. Etty died (no record of date).

He remarried a woman Chiah Sive known as “The Mooma”. She lived with the family above the shop in Plumstead. She was very religious and had her own quarters, kitchen and bedroom.

She died about 1930.

Isaac Judelman died in 1917 of a Flu Epidemic that hit Cape Town. Isaac, his grandson was named after him.


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2 thoughts on “Isaac Yudelman
יצחק יודלמן

  • Nathan Hurst

    Hi, my great great grandmother born between 1860 and 1880 was called Frieda yudelman, she was born in Russia,do you recognise her name, where did her surname come from?

  • Nathan Hurst

    Hi, my great great grandmother was called Frieda yudelman, she married Jacob Moses Farber, Frieda was born around 1874 in Russia or Lithuania, do you recognise the name, and if so can you tell me more about her,