Lazar Judelman
לזר יודלמן 2

Lazar was born in 1919 in Skoudas, Lithuania.

In 1931, at the age of 12, he came to South Africa with his parents to live in Mooiplaas.

He went to school in Pretoria.  He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

Lazar joined the South African Brigade during World War 2 and was stationed in Italy. His squadron was involved in aerial photography and was the first to get actual proof of the existence of Nazi concentration death camps.
While he was there he did much to help Jews in refugee camps on their way to Palestine. In one of the refugee camps in Italy he met his future wife, Hanna from Rasein in Lithuania. After the war, he brought her to South Africa, first to Mooiplaas and then to Pretoria.

Mendie was born in Pretoria in 1947. In 1951 they moved to Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, where family from the Fischer side had a foundry and offered Lazar the position of Foundry manager.
Judy was born in 1954 in Livingstone.
In 1961, Lazar and his family made Aliya.

Lazar worked until retirement for Urdan, a steel producer in Netanya, as the Chief Technology officer.

All his life, he was a very active volunteer in organizations such as Rotary and Akim, becoming the president of the Netanya branches of these organizations. He was heavily involved in helping new immigrants becoming absorbed into Israeli life. Upon his retirement, he was awarded the Netanya “ Key of the town” in acknowledgement of all the above activities.

One of the things Lazar will always be remembered for, was his incessant effort to keep in touch and visit all different members of the Judelman clan in Israel and to build a family tree which was the basis for the family tree we have today.

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2 thoughts on “Lazar Judelman
לזר יודלמן

  • מנדי יודלמן

    !אני רוצה לברך ולהודות, בשם כל המשפחה, לנעמה על כל העבודה הרבה והטובה שהיא השקיעה כדי לעדכן כמה שניתן את האתר המשפחתי. כולם מוזמנים להוסיף עוד

  • Pauline Bodman / Tow

    Hi there,
    This is Pauline Tow,
    I am fascinated by all this.
    I remember vividly coming to Uncle Lazer and auntie Channa’s flat in Natania on Shabbat for Cholent.
    My Father Max would sometimes stop at a special restaurant on the way with a pot we brought from home and fill it with Cholent.
    We would come and have lunch with the family.
    So much family history.