Sydney Judelman
ישעיהו שייקע יודלמן

Sydney was born in Lithuania on June 5, 1912.

He studied dentistry for two years before coming to South Africa.

He bought property with a partner by the name of Jack Simon. The property was on Johannesburg Road, Lyndhurst. It was a township which they named Dorelan after Jack’s daughter Dora and Sydney’s daughter Ellana. They opened a grocery store that was called Sydney’s Stores. He also invested in a block of flats and property in Lyndhurst.

Sydney was a gentle, kind, caring and charitable man of great integrity.

His wife, Rita Jacobsen, was born in Liverpool, England, on July 17, 1914. Rita came to South Africa in 1936. Rita had two sisters, Millicent and Lily. Sydney was introduced to Rita by his sister-in-law Shenella Judelman. They were married in the Yeoville Shul on April 27, 1946.
Sydney loved bowls. He played almost every day after he retired, at Balfour Park Bowling Club and later on at Oldroyd Bowling Club.

He attended Sydenham Highlands North Shul most Friday nights and was known there as “the sweet man.” He always had a handful of sweets in his pocket, and all the children used to come and line up for their treats. He went to Kensington Shul on Saturday mornings with his brothers to help keep the Shul going.

Sydney and Rita had a daughter Ellana who was born on the 30th March 30, 1950. She married Bernard Joffe, an attorney, on November 29, 1970, they have 4 daughters Melissa, Kerry-Lyn, Candice and Tracy who are all married.

Sydney passed away on 4 January 2005, and left a rich and value driven legacy imbuing on his descendants, numbering amongst them 10 great grandchildren, the principles and traits which he displayed and practiced during his life time.

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